Arring in Kuala Lumpur

Published: Sunday, 18 July 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Got back to KL yesterday(17.7.2010). Depart from Kuala Terengganu at 12.30pm, and arrived in Kuantan at 3.00pm, it was a slow travel cause of the car not properly tuned. Fortunately for us the traffic at Jabor route was not to crowded. Straight went to ECM (East Coast Mall) to drop my wife and Auji so that I can go return my Unichip.

Dizzy Messy Lousy Weeks

Published: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Haven't had anytime to update the site these few weeks. I've been clog with hectic schedule, currently in Terengganu, attending 'Pameran Buku Akademik 2010' at UDM aka KUSZA. It starts from 12 July until 14 July 2010.

I arrive in Terengganu a few days ago, on last Saturday 10 July, start the journey back to Terengganu at 11.00am then take a detour into Kuantan around 2.00pm to meet up with NECDI (Neo East Coast Division) members, Necdi are having their 13th convoy, if I'm not mistaken.

New mp3 player

Published: Wednesday, 30 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Just install a mp3 player in my site... very easy to use and nice, congrats to the developer... So for the round 1 my playlist will consist of nostalgic songs from the 80's... ya ya I know, I'm still a kid back then, how is this possible? well my brother have many CD collections of famous singers, 80's 90's so basically I grow up with these songs.

Happy Streaming. Salam.

HHO Generator: A Fuel Saver and Green Power

Published: Monday, 28 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

A few days ago I stumble upon the term HHO Generator, after searching on the net, I found out that it is a device that is use to save fuel. Then I said "ooo another b*ll sh*t thingy" but after reading more and more, it make more sense. "This could actually be true, yikes!!"

So I go deeper into the topic in hope that I can find something useful. At first when I saw the picture:


Shell V-Power 97

Published: Tuesday, 22 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Yesterday (21-06-2010), I when coming home from work, my car shown the fuel warning indicator, so I decided to fill BO(Baby Orange) with the new Shell V-Power 97 petrol. Been wanting to refill since it got out but never had the right time and place to do it.

After driving for a few kilometers, I've notice the response is quite different from Shell Ron 97 and far far better than Petronas which was the fuel in the tank before I refill it with Shell V-Power 97.


Piggyback: E-manage - Part1

Published: Friday, 18 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Hi all, sorry haven't had time to update the site these few days. Dunno what I'm so busy about. So now I'm going to share about E-manage Blue, what info that I've found on the net.

What is E-manage, it is a piggyback computer that can manipulate car ECU signal to perform beyond the factory rule/parameter that has been program. It intercept signal from sensor or ECU around the engine then change the value. Why do we want to change these settings? PERFORMANCE... Factory standard ECU will normally limits the engine fullest potential because of reliability.

Avidemux - Video Editor

Published: Thursday, 10 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Hi all, last week I add in a component called hwdvideoshare. It is a joomla component that will tranforms your site like youtube, enable you to share and stream videos. There are a lot of functions and features, you can read the developer site, I'm just gonna explain to you how to add a video from any format upload it to your hosting server and stream it to the world.

Usually when your run a shared hosting plan, your webmaster will put some limitation on the plan. For example my plan will disable the 'convert' function in hwdvideoshare, move 'moov' atom and a few more. There are a lot of ways to overcome this but I just going to write how i did it.