Computer Break Down

Published: Sunday, 05 December 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Its been a few day already since my computer are fully back on.... After 10 times formating my comp, seeking and searching for problems through the net, finally my beloved comp are back online but not full-fledged. It seems my 80 Gigs SATA hard disk is the culprit behind my suffering, it has bad sectors in many part of the disk.

At first I thought it was the Operating System(OS), cause I just recently formatted my comp and use Windows XP Professional SP3. The reason why I change OS because wanted to try the new Starcraft 2, which requires Windows XP SP3. To confirm whether the OS are usable, I installed it onto another comp and see how it run for a while. Well the other computer runs with no glitch at all. By that time I know that my hardware are the cause of the problems, !@#$%^&*(....... arghhh!!

Then I run chkdsk /R to "C:" drive, and it show me the bad news, bad sectors detected... For you guys that wonders how to check your disk with chkdsk:

  • First of all click "start", click "run", and type "cmd" then press "enter".
  • Then type the drive you want to check for fault, eg drive "D", so you type "D:", press "enter".
  • After that type "chkdsk /R" and press "enter". Wait until done see if got any errors.

Feeling pity for my hard disk I'll try to use it as best as I could, suspecting that the bad sectors only at in front of the disk, I make a partition after the 10GB mark until the end of the hard disk, but unfortunately there are still bad sectors after that mark.

So time for plan B, transfer all important data to another partition, backing up, and install the OS on different partition. Zzzzz thats alot of work, nevertheless less it must be done.

So after hours of pain and sleepless night(hahaha so dramatic) finally my computer are back on line but a little bit slower, still haven't had time to check whats the problems, tired already huhuhuhuhu....

Until next time, daaaa...


Specs On Suitable Standalone for Campro

Published: Saturday, 13 November 2010 Written by Abang Wan


As promise I will list the specs of each standalone that I feel suitable for campro engine. For piggyback specs just download their files at my 'Download Sections'. So here we go:


Management: Standalone and Piggyback For Campro

Published: Monday, 08 November 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Long time haven't had anytime to update, so figure just make a simple entry that I can write in a jiff. So today's topic is Management for campro, this list is created from my reading and opinions, so as far as I know these management are the only few that works well with campro's sensor, bear in mind there may be more:


  • Haltech e6x
  • Haltech Platinum Series (Eg: Sprint 500, PS1000)
  • Megasquirt V3
  • Adaptronic


  • Unichip
  • SMT 8 and above
  • E-manage

For Adaptronic, I have not gathered much info, other that saw a few pics of installed adaptronic ECU in a Gen-2 and a confirmation from a campro user that have installed it in a Satria Neo CPS - (bluedevil76). Thats all for now, will write another entry for the spec on each device, till then,


Gymkhana 3

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Terengganu Trip

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Phewww, its been quite some time from my last update. Well recently went back to my beloved home town, Kuala Terengganu. Reasons? Had to sent back the company's van to KT branch cause they need to use it to send Text Books to primary and secondary school.

How-To: Adding Sidebar To Wordpress Theme

Published: Friday, 08 October 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

These few days I been working with my online shop CMS, the site is, huhuhu promo abit. It is a online bookshop. We have been selling on-line for quite some time now. has been around since 2007 if I'm not mistaken, and in that time also we have been changing CMS and recreate databases to fine the right 1 that meet our needs.

Aidilfitri as a Husband and a Father

Published: Wednesday, 29 September 2010 Written by Abang Wan


This recent Syawal, kinda of a meaningful one. After 2 years celebrating Syawal as a husband, I'm now celebrating Syawal as a father. Woowww weird... hahaha... but then again that is what we called 'life', so what are the tasks of a father@husband? well here are some of it: