Dizzy Messy Lousy Weeks

Published: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Haven't had anytime to update the site these few weeks. I've been clog with hectic schedule, currently in Terengganu, attending 'Pameran Buku Akademik 2010' at UDM aka KUSZA. It starts from 12 July until 14 July 2010.

I arrive in Terengganu a few days ago, on last Saturday 10 July, start the journey back to Terengganu at 11.00am then take a detour into Kuantan around 2.00pm to meet up with NECDI (Neo East Coast Division) members, Necdi are having their 13th convoy, if I'm not mistaken.

I join the convoy at Kompleks Belia Sukan, we had our drinks at Suzana Restoran in Indera Mahkota, after that the convoy continue to ECM (East Coast Mall) to watch 'wayang'. But this is where I drop my wife and my little Auji, cause I wanna go to EAG (Eastern Avenue Garage) to retune my Unichip. The purpose of this retune is to eliminate the knock sound created by the KL tuner ignition map around 2k rpm until 3k rpm.

I had called the tuner a few days before I went to Kuantan, to make appoinment, a shocking news to me that the owner had sold his share of the workshop to his partner. So I asked whether or not his partner is a good tuner and can he retune my Unichip, he said his partner can. So I went to the workshop and asked him to retune, after about 30 minutes the end result was, 10hp down from my past dyno session, even though I've change to a high comp piston and few more hardware. In the middle of the tuneup, I told him that I heard knocking sound coming from the engine, he said "oooo thats is the exhaust bagging with the wide band pipe." I said "ok".

After everything finish I asked him again whether the car is ok or not because I had no time to test the car, it's late and need to went back to Terengganu already. He said confirm no knock.... zzzz... so I got into the car drive, fetch my wife and son and journey back to Terengganu, then just before I got into the freeway, I notice sound coming from under the hood, "ting, ting, ting", WTF.. its knocking and guess what, its worst than the KL tuner. Knocking from 1.5K rpm until 4.5K rpm, I didn't push higher cause confirm knock... What a luck?? damn sad... So I called the tuner just now tell him what had happen and he said to come back again. because I don't have the time to turn back and show him the car, I reschedule to next week.

So to summaries the current situation not just I got a slowed down motor but a damn noisy knocking machine under my hood. I thanks you all to whom ever contributed. So now we'll see what happen after this, I'll try to update it later.

P/S: will update a few pics later...............


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