Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3

Published: Thursday, 06 December 2012 Written by Abang Wan

Salam & Hi,

Been using Samsung Galaxy S3 for a while now, so last night I can't stop myself anymore, its time to root my phone. I didn't root it before cause thinking it was still new, but since alot of android network tools require root access, so its rooting time.

I've been rooting Samsung phone since I've used the first Galaxy, SGS I9000, so the most important software when rooting is the samsung driver, ODIN and the file to flash.







I'll list the links below:

Here are the steps to start rooting:

  • Install KIES software, the reasons is it will install the samsung driver for your computer to communicate with your phone. I seldom use KIES to sync all my data to the computer but if you find it useful good for you.
  • Extract all zip files.
  • Connect USB cable to your computer and your SGS3.

  • Go into download mode at your phone. To do that press, 'Volume Down' + 'Home Button' + 'Power Button' all together in the correct order. Hold it for a while until the download screen appear.

  • Go to Odin foler, start Odin 1.85 exe file. You should see a yellow box with the 'COM:X' highlighted that mean there are communication between your phone and computer.
  • click on the 'PDA' tab.
  • When a dialog box open up, browse to CF-Root folder and click on the 'xxx.tar' file. Click open.
  • Now press 'START', and wait for your phone to finish the flash and it will restart by itself. After finish unplug everything, go to the application menu in your phone see whether there are apps call 'CWM' and 'SU' in there. If they are that means your phone is now rooted.

Enjoy your new rooted phone, Salam.

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