Management: Standalone and Piggyback For Campro

Published: Monday, 08 November 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Long time haven't had anytime to update, so figure just make a simple entry that I can write in a jiff. So today's topic is Management for campro, this list is created from my reading and opinions, so as far as I know these management are the only few that works well with campro's sensor, bear in mind there may be more:


  • Haltech e6x
  • Haltech Platinum Series (Eg: Sprint 500, PS1000)
  • Megasquirt V3
  • Adaptronic


  • Unichip
  • SMT 8 and above
  • E-manage

For Adaptronic, I have not gathered much info, other that saw a few pics of installed adaptronic ECU in a Gen-2 and a confirmation from a campro user that have installed it in a Satria Neo CPS - (bluedevil76). Thats all for now, will write another entry for the spec on each device, till then,


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#4 shazwan 2012-05-16 05:55
Hi Jen,
I've only had experience with MS2 v2.2 and MS2 v3. The newest version is MS3, but MS3 only have one code@firmware meanwhile MS2 we can choose a few code to burn to the ecu, what that means is, if 1 code are not suitable then we can choose another 1 for the engine. The main difference that I could remember is MS3 had datalogging feature onboard, can store your runs in a sdcard. There are alot of features in megasquirt, to list them all is quite long, hehe.. so the main thing that I usually look is:

-It has sequential ignition and injection
-launch control and flatshift
-Map switching
-Traction control
-boost control (need add on hardware)

Not to burst your bubble but a few weeks ago I had retune a mivec turbo, it run very-very well but wasn't user friendly. I had to make a lot of run on the road just to understand the map and trigger switching, then only tune. Not to say megasquirt can't be install in a CPS engine but you have to fine a better tuner than me :-)

If you still want the megasquirt, the price for MS2 v3 is RM2300 including harness, but have to wait a few weeks for the shipment.
#3 Jen 2012-05-15 15:55
can i know about the Megasquirt V3?
price without tuning and with tuning..
available for neo CPS?
and other details.. thank you very much bro.. :D
#2 shazwan 2011-11-08 02:07
bro nak tau berapa kos adaptronic ni?
lebih kurang rm4000 tp kena tanya diaorg punya dealer dulu la sbb exchange rate kan..

lagi best tak dri haltech ?
kalau banding e420d dgn sprint 500, then adaptronic lg bagus, kalau banding dgn p1000 then p1000 ada sedikit added function...
#1 fadhly 2011-11-07 01:42
bro nak tau berapa kos adaptronic ni?...lagi best tak dri haltech ?

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