HHO Generator: A Fuel Saver and Green Power

Published: Monday, 28 June 2010 Written by Abang Wan

A few days ago I stumble upon the term HHO Generator, after searching on the net, I found out that it is a device that is use to save fuel. Then I said "ooo another b*ll sh*t thingy" but after reading more and more, it make more sense. "This could actually be true, yikes!!"

So I go deeper into the topic in hope that I can find something useful. At first when I saw the picture:


It reminds me on a gadget a while back that was sold by a Malaysian, he also claim that his device can safe fuel also. "Ayoyo, I've wasted my precious time for this crap", then after I take the second look, I can see that this device have some kind of plate in it and wires all around. "Could it be different?"


A few info I found on the net:

HHO generator is the device which is primarily involved with the production of HHO gas. Basically, HHO generator is involved in the production of hydrogen and oxygen through the process of electrolysis. In this process, a direct current (DC) is passed through water, as a result of which it is divided into its primary constituent Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Then introduce it into the engine by use of the engines vacuum. The HHO combines with the gasoline and air in the combustion chamber and is burnt. Once burnt, it converts back to H20 [water]. Its now going to absorb the inner heat from the engine normally at 350 - 450*F CHT and turn into super heated DRY steam. Then its pushed out during the exhaust stroke and out the tail pipe. There it condenses back into to water vapor and eventually collects back into water. So you start with water and end with water.

A fallacy out there is that it takes more energy to produce the HHO than the energy it releases. Not at all true, that's why there are HHO generators available out there. You can produce HHO with as little as 1.5 volts DC and an amp of current. It's not only how it's done but the way in which the HHO generator is configured to permit a useful out put with minimal power input. You can put 2 bare ended wires into a bucket of water with an electrolyte and produce a small quantity of HHO by putting a DC current through the wires. The principle is to produce as much HHO as possible with the least amount of electrical energy and generated exothermic heat.

Here I've link a few pdf on details of HHO Generator, dry cell and wet cell, plan to build, and researches on this subject.

  • Here Build Plan 1
  • Here Build Plan 2
  • Here Researches dry and wet cell.




WARNING!!!.... Always remember hydrogen is a highly flammable gas, so be very careful with it. One of small thing that could happen if you are not careful:



This tech is very interesting and tempting but for now, is it useful for my application? No.. I don't think so... because it would defeat the purpose of me building a nice and fun ride. For now I'm still focusing on the performance upgrade... maybe in few years time, I'll try this.



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