Saving My Wife's Lappy

Published: Friday, 01 July 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Recently my wife keep complaining about her laptop...the thing slowly becoming slower and slower. At first I thought it was caused by all those piles of files, digiscrap stuff, tons of pics and her girly games... "ker ader virus?"... after 10 minutes, "ker ader virus?"... after another 10, "ker ader virus?"... thats all she says... " Dah format la laptop tu", I said... "Erm nanti lah", she said.. ZZzZzzZ...

If "erm nanti lah" I think until next year also not finish.. So I decided to help her, List of things needed to do:

1) Make backup of the data.
2) Rearrange the partition.
3) Format and reinstall.

Make Backup
My wife have a lot of files, and I do mean a lot.. so have to back it all up, how? if just plug in the thumb drive, then the thumb drive would be infected also. If transfer by network, what if the data folder also consist of virus?.. Like old time I prefer to disinfect all the drive first then only backup and format. For this I used a linux live cd distro, called TRK. I used it back when I provide computer services in Terengganu, below is the link:

The are lots of function in TRK, you can turn it into a file server, ssh server, packet sniffing, even crack windows passwords, but the function we are going to use is virusscan. In TRK are 5 well known Anti-Virus, Clam AV, F-Prot, Bit Defender, Vexira and Avast. You can scan all your drive with any of these AV (Anti Virus) or with all of them. I will not go on how to use it, don't have all day to write my entry, but I'm sure will understand how to use it if you the instructions carefully.

After I scaned the drive found 3 virus in 'C' drive and 5 virus in 'D' drive. Hahaha "padan muka kau"... so after the scan, it is time for the second task.

Rearrange The Partition
Why do I need to rearrange the partition? Because before this I had 3 partition, 1 for windows, 1 for data and last 1 for linux. Unfortunately my wife doesn't share the same interest as mine so the linux has to go... For this I use another live cd called SystemRescueCD. This distro has almost similar purpose as TRK but SystemRescueCd focus more on the hard drive.

In this cd we will use 'gparted' software to delete the linux partition and resize the 1st partiton to a bigger size. I could just delete all partition and create new one when I install the windows back, but with these I have more control over the hard disk and options before and after windows installation.

Okay, task 2 done, so it's now time to backup all the data, using her external hard drive. So I restart the laptop going to boot into windows...... erk?!! it seems that I can't boot windows cause... I mess up the MBR/Grub loader when resize the partition just now... But don't worry still under control, haha.. run SystemRescueCd again and choose 'F' from the menu, then pick GAG (Graphical Boot Manager). Enter into Setup GAG, choose 'Add New Partition', pick the partition you want to boot. After all are done, REMEMBER! to 'Save into Hard Drive'. Reboot and you will have new startup screen. Pick your windows partition and your windows will boot nicely.

Now I just have to backup the data and reinstall windows, unfortunately my eye start to feel heavy at the time so I shut the laptop down and hopefully will continue the 3rd task today.. until then....


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