Evo 3 RS in progress...

Published: Tuesday, 01 March 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

So sorry cause last month my entry was only 1... huhuhu... quite sad cause I was thinking to add more entries in February... well I will try to refill that hole this month, wish me luck. Back to today's story, once upon a time, my father in law's brother, Paman Zamri, that is java for Uncle Zamri, had a deep craving for 4g63T... 3rd gen to be exact...


He already transplanted his wira with a GSR or 4G93T, running fine with no problems at all for a few years... but after tsunami of flames from my beloved father in law and both of their colleagues time and time again, he just had to surrender, hahaha....


So recently, this project was given the green light, halfcut was bought, loose parts were coming in.

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1st things 1st, his old GSR had to go somewhere right... so the engine has been sold off to someone in Melaka if I'm not mistaken. Body? A blue wira...

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Transplanting the engine to the blue wira was done in 2 days, 1 day for the old 4g93 na to go out and another for the 4g93T to get in... Wiring should be done the next day, but at this time I was back in KL so doesn't exactly knows what happen after.

A few other things that will be equip in this project are LSD gearbox and OS Giken Super Single, huhuhu clutch 'loceng' bebeh..

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There maybe a few more goodies to beef up the e3 but not confirm yet. So wish us the best of luck in this project. Salam.

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