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Published: Saturday, 24 July 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Today started as 1 beautiful day with lovely morning... wake up, play with my son, and do some updates on my car club website, Yesterday I've promise my sister, Kak Mek to accompany her to pick some books from our supplier, for a book fair next week.

When the clock showed 12.30pm, I went out of the house, start my car and pick my sister at her house. Before going to KL, Kak Mek want to send her last son, Idin to his handler at AU3 first. On duke highway I fell gearbox a bit sluggish, hard to engage and disengage.

After taking an exit on Keramat, I step on th clutch to stop at a junction, but the car jerks as if it was still in gear. "oh sh*t!! not now".... So I parked at the side take some time hoping the problem would go away, after a few minutes, continue to the baby sitter's house, the problem is still there but less.

I can get the gearbox into gear, still a bit hard but less aggressive than before. So after dropping Idin, we take the MRR2, just when we start to approached a jammed situation the car started to jerk, gear become hard to engage... ZzZZzZz...

So long story short, We decided to return back, I take AKLEH and went back home. Call a few friends asking what may cause this and where the best place to send my car, some say clucth pump problem, some say this, and that... arrgghhhh, tension!!!

Lets just see what tomorrow holds... Salam

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