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Published: Monday, 17 May 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Hi guys, after finished with Baby 'O' as written in my past post, I went to one of many tuner in KL/Selangor area to re-tune my unichip. This is due to my car has knocking badly in high 'rpm' and idling was very unstable.

So with an expectation like past tuner experience that i had(which was very pleasant and satisfied), i went to see Mr. 'R'. Keeping things short, he goes into my car as soon as it was on the dyno and start tuning, without asking me how i wanted the car to behave, what item i put in my Baby 'O'.


Oh i forgot hes is the best freaking tuner, why in the world would he asked me that question. From my o bservation i think he just tune A/F ratio to a specific car, but use 1 preset ignition map, thus giving me the problem. +- an hour my car was fully re-tune and charge RM350, RM300 for tuning and RM50 for changing my intake pipe with a black flexible, wow impressive.

On the same day i get on the highway and press the pedal to the metal trying to see how performance of my new and tune up car. Honestly speaking, it was below my expectation, way below. The low end suck, idling still a problem but better than b4, and when i get into 5th gear at about 130km/h, the campro engine start to knock(daaaa i came to him to get rid of this, zzzzz).

Call him after the observation, tell what had happen and now only he asked me whether i mod the engine or not... lalalala. I said i put in a high comp piston, he said, 'ooo why you didnt tell me'.... The word that cross my mind at that time was 'WTF', cool word right... he was the one who act like there are 1000 customer that que in line for his service(which was 0), walk so fast here n there, now asked me why i didnt tell him..

After a few days went back to see him, call him again before going there, sounds like he already forgotten me, huhu what a surprise. After arrive at his shop in Puchong, i smile at him as i thought he would know why i was there, Nak tune kete ker? he asked... wow great customer service, not even 1 week yet not even 4 hour after my last call, he forgets. Daaaa.

Again keeping things short, he get into my car and tune it again, 5 minute later he came back and asked my to drove it. Had a spin in my car, the idling worst then b4, WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! low rpm still sucks, and not enough road to reach 130km/h but high rpm as far as i could test, just ok not a shocker at all. Got back tell him, saw his face like i was a pain for him, is this what i got after paying for your service??... he change the settings again, i went to test the new setting, i was better than the setting b4, just better, the car was drivable, by now i had no mood already to speak, smile or to tell any feedback, just accepted this wonderful services and remarkable tuning skill shown to me.

When all was done he said the the fault came from my cam that was to high degree, header/extractor which was too small, bla bla bla... it is ok if i doesnt know sh*t about car, but with the little knowledge of cars in my head i know that was not the reason, and i hate being played. I know i only drive a proton's car, not well dress, and use only a campro engine but doesnt mean that i am stupid and deserved to be treated like that.

So after all being said and done, I would not recommend the shop to anyone(due to hospitality/customer service and 'skilled' if i may called it that), and i think i would look to another piggyback or standalone to replace Unichip Q, but must make sure there a lot of tuner for the piggyback, the tuner must be honest, and capable of extracting the 'juice' from my engine.


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#11 Guest 2013-08-03 12:18
Comfuse lah...aku pasang unichip kat DTuning,kereta aku xpergi dr ape yg aku nak. So kat KL ne mane yg best nk tuning?
#10 shazwan 2013-01-03 17:14
Hi J,
20hp more after retune... thats is impressive. what car do you run?
They already change the name to RS Dynotune, their dyno is "lighter" to my knowledge compare to other shop such as GT Auto, Millenium and Eastern Avenue Garage. My friends NA campro engine clocked 200hp++ on Robyn's dyno. I'm sure you can do the math already. :-)
So how your friend's Altis?
#9 J 2012-12-31 12:07
Let me guess Robyn from RS Impressive? lol. He tuned my car alright, a bit sombong though. But he screwed up my friend's Altis, had to be towed to another place to tune. I had my car retuned at GT Auto after sometime and got another 20whp (plus I think the dyno at RS has a different load setting, so provide quite high whp readout, which means that GT Auto's retune received more than 20whp).
#8 shazwan 2012-12-04 06:46
I'm not using unichip any more la daniel.. but thanks for the info, maybe useful for other readers... :-)
#7 daniel 2012-10-15 08:48
bro, try this tuners, he is a authorised unichip dealers in selangor, very recommended!
hafez mx
#6 shazwan 2012-09-20 03:11
sorry for the late reply pirlo... try go gt auto, but the charge a bit high... or visauto in johor, i heard edmund is a good tuner but never had any experience with them yet.. :-)
#5 pirlo 2012-09-10 05:35
agree with u. that guy isnt friendly at all. i wont recommend him to other people. same as you, i plug in unichip q plus some mods in engine. the result was not up to my expectation. sigh.

how's the other unichip tuner?
#4 shazwan 2011-09-28 18:01
Haha, patience harrez... :D we all have a a story to tell... Feel free to do so if you want.. hehe.. :-)
#3 harrez 2011-09-27 18:39
i knew that [censored] Robyn. let people know he juz rubbish. Robyn [censored]ing shit. he s not a tuner!!!!!
#2 shazwan 2011-05-07 03:50
Sekarang kalau kt kuala lumpur, gt auto pun dah boleh buat cuma mahal skit, rm400++. Selain tu, visauto bole, northern garage kt penang pun boleh... Nk contact ikut email boleh je, tp x slalu check...

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