Baby 'O'

Published: Tuesday, 11 May 2010 Written by Abang Wan

At first I thought that I will update my second post after a day of my 1st, but unfortunately I was caught up with workload of repairing my beloved Baby 'O'.

Yes, some of you may know that me and my wife just received a baby, but this baby is not that one. Baby 'O' is Baby Oren.

And here it is... I don't want to go through the details in this post, so will update later on that. With an ambitious expectation of finishing the job within a day, so that I can went to work on the next day, little that I know that a book salesman with a HND in Business IT and a passion for cars are not a mechanic. It took 3 days to change the freaking piston, not to mention a help from my 'father in law' and his friend 'Am'...

The best part is, it doesn't end here, I have to re-adjust the cam and re-tune unichip, or face 2 consequence:


  • ignition knocking or
  • valve and piston kissing muah2
Thats all for now, do remind me to tell you the details about my experience in repairing my Baby 'O'.


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