Little update about BO (Baby Orange)

Published: Thursday, 07 April 2016 Written by Abang Wan

Salam guys,

Just a little update about BO or Baby Orange, my beloved satria neo, as you can see I haven't upload about her for a very long time. No, I haven't sold her, she is very much still with me. The reason why it has been so long because, in mid year 2013, I had decided to take out my campro engine and transplant a new engine.

This is either the biggest mistake of my life or maybe the most educational thing that happened to me, hehehe. When ambitious and creativity are put in the same bowl something bad is bound to happen. Keeping things short the bad thing happened and its been 2 and half years, the project is still on going. No, its not a Mitsubishi engine, shhheeehhh that would make life easy, but its the route I would take if I only knew its going to take this long, hehehe.



Will write on the whole story when the time comes. Till then,


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