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Published: Thursday, 20 September 2012 Written by Abang Wan

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Its been a while since update... at last a bit of free time in the office, huhuhu curi tulang sikiiiittttt... So today story is about "What If"... As some of my friends already know, I already "demod" almost all my campro stuff and won't be pursuing a "fun ride" with it. But what if.... I am still on that road and have a ton of money, what would I do? Below are a simple way(without customizing to much), cash and carry...

Well, cause of the vast development of todays technology, we would have a performance part for our local car made from all over the world deliver to our doorstep. So in the engine section what would I'll be buying?




  • piston - cp piston. As most you you already know the are 2 types, a low comp and a high comp were made to campro engine. Sizes varies from 76mm to 78mm. For NA I would opt for 78mm high comp, just careful on reliability issues, know the risk 1st, if not just take the 77mm.

  • conrod - there are custom made forged conrod, but recently, if I'm not mistaken "jasma"(malaysia made not JASMA japan) has produce campro conrod plus its cheap, huhuhu..

  • crankshaft - same as the conrod, there are custom forged imported from Australia(its what they say la), or you can also use the crankshaft from preve'. Preve' crankshaft are originally forged from factory the only downside is the stroke has been reduce to decrease the compression for turbo application. But it's a small price to pay, plus with the high comp piston it would overlap each other.
  • throttle - 4 throttle or a single 70mm throttle mate with velocity's intake. To elaborate on this it would take me to write pages and pages, so to keep things short, with 4 throttle you will have more response on the throttle while giving you a high top end power, while a single "big" throttle will give you a high top end power. So a track junkie should opt for 4 throttle, meanwhile for a dragger a single throttle is enough. Just remember customizing 4 throttle is not cheap, yeah I've custom a 4 throttle to a campro before.

  • gearbox - the easiest, just buy a mivec ck gearbox, it will give you a good performance for street and track with it 4.6 final drive and 3rd to 5th gear ratio. Wanna mod more? you could upgrade the final drive to 4.8 or even custom a 5.0, but on a long distance trip it would churned your heart and also your pocket. More? well you could also change the ratio of each gear 1 until 5, there are after market gears for mivec ck, if it was me I would just change 3rd and 4th gear only but if the cash permits the changing the second wouldn't be so bad either, you could choose to use 2nd gear from a mivec ck rs forget the part number already, please ask uncle google for that.
  • clutch - A new product from RBP, Super Single Racing Clutch. Aside from giving you a ricer aura from its klung klang sound, the flywheel is light so you can avoid the hassle of grinding your factory flywheel hoping it would not break in the excessive heat. Why you want a light flywheel? inertia of course.


Man and Machinework

  • Port and Polish - Most of you guys already know this, it basically making the head port bigger and smoother, just be sure to go to a experience person. Because its not simply grinding the port to make it bigger, the porter should know about air velocity, fuel air mixture and bla bla. Just trust me GO TO THE PERSON WHO REALLY KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING, a mistake in this matter would result lack of performance and horrible fuel consumption, the worst of both world.


  • Balancing - This a must to a heavily moded engine. What is this for? to reduce vibration of moving parts in the engine(piston, conrod, crankshaft...) every part that is bolted to the crankshaft is needed to be balance in this procedure, the crank pulley, piston, conrod, crankshaft, flywheel, clutch cover and all the bolts and nuts in the assembly. Why would anyone wan to reduce the vibration? because vibration in the engine not just increase when the rpm incline but it is quantify, so this vibe would disrupt the efficiency of the engine to produce more power and worst of all it can break your conrod, crankshaft like biscuits thus furthering the damage to the block and other part of the engine.



*The pictures are example of the products.

I think thats all for now, lazy to type already. hahaha..


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