After 100K Service

Published: Tuesday, 24 January 2012 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

After the 100k service on 27th December, A few problems has been resolve. Yeay!! The first and foremost was of course the timing belt, I change to a new one brand 'Gaido', perghh jepun habis... hahaha.. price wise its cheaper than original and have a warranty of 100K if I'm not mistaken.

Second is the clutch, my race clutch slip already so its time for a replacement... ZzzZ, money, money... so after a long hard think I decided to go for normal clutch cause doesn't want anymore vibration coming from the dashboard haha and it is easier for my mrs to drive the car. The brand that I choose is Paraut.


Below is the depleted race clutch.

Just take a look at my worn bearing, zzzz, is that ugly or what.

Here is the new one.

After all of this part was replace, I asked the mech to solve my kruk krak sound, the thing that bothered my for a very very very very long time. At first the mech suspected the 'mounting', I suspected the driveshaft, we both were wrong... as to my surprise it was my extractor hitting a mounting screw... The sound didn't exist when the extractor was 1st install but maybe because of hot and cold temp makes the steel pipe to bent and shrink thus hitting the screw...

So the next day I went to everco sunway to try and fix the problem. At first they want to cut my extractor and weld it back, WHAT!! my beloved extractor, never... I asked them whether they can adjust the bracket so that the rubber that connects the pipes and bracket will pull the extractor away from the screw, they said it will not work cause the rubber isn't strong enough to hold it in place.

So something got to give, as a temporary solution I let them knock my extractor abit to make some room for the pipes to move around when the engine twist thus misses the screw that it hits. 1 month before I've change all this, I've changed power windows 'gear' thingy, driver side... fuh at last it is a breeze going to a toll with out having to open my door anymore... but today 25.1.2012, I notice some sound coming from the power window when I bring it down, zzzzz not againnnnnnnn..... arghh...

Let just wait a week or two, hopefully no biggy. Thats all for this entry, wait for my next one, titled An Adventures  trip to Alor Setar.. hahaha..


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