My freaking DII @ D2... ZZzzZzzZ

Published: Tuesday, 21 September 2010 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Sorry haven't been updating my web for quite some times... well as you know, it Syawal of cause been abit busy with 'Hari Raya' activities.... I got back to Kuala Lumpur on Friday giving some time to mentally prepared to come in to work on Monday, hahahaha...

Enough about that, going to tell what happen in hari raya in later entry, so... as you all know, BO just change his suspension to DII cap ayam... got sounds coming from the rear... well before 'Hari Raya' I went to a tyre shop in Nilai. This shop was recommended by my brother in-law, he sent all his car to the shop for alignment and balancing... before this I already sent my car there for balancing, the workmanship was very satisfying. Now I go there, hoping they could fix the sound problem and adjust my alignment and balancing again...

After arriving there I asked the 'amoi' whether got time or not to do alignment and balancing because there are about 7 cars in and out of the shop waiting and currently being serve by them, and the time was noon. It is no surprise as she said no, because 1 car takes them more than 2 hours to finish.

So I asked them to only source out the sound problem coming from the rear suspension. After taking my car for a spin the mechanic come back and put my car on the ramp and ask me to come and see the rear suspension with him. He said that my suspension are not suitable for satria neo cause BO lower arm are hitting the bottom end of the suspension and the screw adjuster are hitting the handbrake cable. I am not sure whether this causing the sound but I agree with them that the rear suspension are not totally suitable for satria neo. So I when back home after that.

After the 4 day of Raya, I was in Kuala Terengganu, still haven't satisfy with my car handling, I went to a tyre shop that I often go when I was in Terengganu to fix this and thats... Long story short, wasted RM135 for nothing, the alignment was still bad and the ride height was not like I told them. Now this suspension and all the shop I went, irritates me very very very bad.... guess when you want some thing good, you must make it yourself... Going to adjust it when I got some free time...

Will update more after I'm done adjusting... ZzZZzzZz.... wish me luck...


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#2 shazwan 2013-01-03 17:01
Hi FLX-User, I've driven a few cars with D2(purple colour) before. Unfortunate these friends of mine doesnt know the meaning of "soft" :-) even if you set it in middle, for me.. its still not a comfy ride. Although in terms of performance, you will notice the difference in the car, it became more responsive in corners and somewhat agile, I'm sure you know what I mean. If you are "orang bujang" just go for it who needs comfort when you can torn the sreets... :lol: for a family man, I'm not recommending it. The questions I have here is, does D2 have suspension for FLX?
#1 FLX-User 2012-12-31 12:09
Hi bro, nice posts. Just wanna ask you, how is the comfort of the D2 adjustable? Is it very "jumpy" ? Plan to install them to my FLX....

thanks bro!

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