9 & 10 April 2016: Polperro SteakHouse & Morning jog di Bukit Sendayan

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2016 Written by Abang Wan

Salam guys,

Few months ago my brother in law just got a new job, so in celebrating this wonderful occasion he is treating the whole family. After a long discussion, they decided to go for Polperro Steakhouse in Seremban 2. It just recently opened, so it is kinda crowded, I did record a video in the new place but still haven't had the time to finished editing it. Will upload it later, in this post. The food was just ok, we have been to a few Polperro branches before, and maybe we kinda get used to the taste already. Its not bad, its just ok.



So the next morning, the Mrs wake me up, to accompany her for a morning jog at Bukit Sendayan. Without a proper attire and shoe, yours truly went for a hike in the name of LOVE. 



After the short jog, went for a breakfast at Lukut, eat roti canaiiii.... can you see the irony, jog to burn calories, after that put it back with roti canai. Don't understand woman at all. Thats all for now. 


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