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Published: Monday, 04 April 2016 Written by Abang Wan

Salam guys,

The family and I just spend the weekend at the in laws, its been a while... Took the chance to change my engine and gearbox oil, the thing about 2004 honda city is the gearbox oil have to be change regularly. Normal auto gearbox have to be change every 60000 kilometers, this honda CVT gearbox have to be change every 10000 kilometers otherwise it feels like a roller coaster.

Funny thing, Honda manual says the CVT gearbox oil should be change every 40000 kilometers, but the car jerks like crazy after 10000 kilometers of used. Other than this problem the car is excellent, fuel consumption is good, far better than my satria neo with campro engine. Its not a looker, hahaha... but it will serve my daily routine well.

After the oil change, took the children to the playground and shot some photo for timelapse. Please bear with me cause still learning whats the best setting for the camera and time-lapsing.


2nd April 2016


3rd April 2016


Until next time, Salam.

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