Bitter Sweet After Raya

Published: Sunday, 16 October 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam All,

As usual yours truly is late in dateline again. Quite a few stories to tell. At 1st I was going to post an entry just after raya aidil fitri, show all the wonderful things that happened on Hari Raya day... la la la la... so happy, NOT.. well not all of these stories are happy.



As soon as my wife and I reached home, on Saturday, 3rd September.. we found that our house was broken into. Stuff were all over the place, sign that 'they' searching for valuables. After checking around the house, we notice that they had enter our home through the laundry room, they snap/cut the grill bar from the bottom, after they get in through that small opening, they just tweak the door to open it. From outside of our house we didn't even notice anything was wrong.

Then we start to look what was missing, to make things short:

  • 3 Handphones
  • 2 saving coin box (1 hidden, 1 in our bedroom)
  • My remote control car (very sad...)

After that we went to the police station to make a report, last year for my car, now for my house... huhuhu sob sob... Then the police sent a 'CSI', yes only 1 man team to my house to search for finger prints... found only 1 print were usable. Enough about this sad sad story. So what do we learnt from this? Please Reinforce Your Laundry Room !!!.

I was thinking to move to our new house at the end of Syawal, but because of this, we decided to move right away. So we move bit by bit of our stuff that we can fit in the car, living like nomad for 2 weeks, going back and forth, very tiring... Now what left at the old house was furniture, these have to be move by lorry, so we hire a transporter. At 1st we think to hire a 1 tonne lorry, but after talking to the transporter guy, to be on the safe side he will bring a bigger lorry.

So we start move everything on Saturday morning, 17 September, and finished in the evening about 3pm.. but the stuff still not unpack yet. The bigger lorry that we thought was a 3 tonne, was actually a 5 tonne, ZzZzz.. So what do we learnt from this? Even though your house is small and your stuff may seem little, and you think it would fit into a small van... you are wrong!!! The transport cost us about RM350 if I'm not mistaken, a few things were broken but it still fine with me cause the guys was very friendly and with that many items being transferred, something were bound to break.

I think that's all for now, will write the other half of my story soon... hehe..


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