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Published: Sunday, 01 May 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Hahaha... It seems my golds have not been accomplished yet... From February until April, I only manage to blog for 3 entries, zzzzz. Nothing much to talk about Baby Orange other than it has been standardize and no mojor mods has been done, the things that I did was maintaining BO such as changing the abs to standard, fixing any annoyance sounds and soon, the timing belt... All plans for BO has to be halted cause yours truly have another commitment on hand, I recently have bought a house and it some what shrinking my already tight pocket.. huhuhu...



For the evo 3 story, well the 1st part has been done and currently waiting to be registered, the only downside is the 'surat kastam' is missing... ZzZZzz... So until the problem is resurrected we will only be in square 1, no internal mods or any other mods will be done.. !@#$%^&*...

My son has just turn 1 year last week.. yeayyy... had just a small birthday party, inviting only the locals at my in law's house... Hope you grow to be as a 'soleh' person.. Luv you son...

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Credits to my lovely wife for the nice pics..

I think thats all for now, until then... Salam.

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