Happy CNY, Happy Holiday And Happy Drag Battle??

Published: Tuesday, 08 February 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam and Hi to the non muslim,

Hopefully its is not too late to wish all my chinese friends, Gong Xi Fa Chai... A week ago I went back to Terengganu, long time haven't gone back, so as this holiday is quite long, so I opt to went back my beloved hometown.

Nothing much happen when I was there, some of the things that I do when over there was, entertaining my beloved wife. NO!! not that kind of entertainment, she miss Terengganu's cuisine such as nasi lemak sheikh at Pasir Panjang, sup tulang at Kedai Jang and a few others so we went on a food hunt for a while. Other than that NECDI also held a drag battle on 4.2.2011, as usual it is just a friendly between us camprorians. Joining us on that day was SNC (kemaman group), and a couple of collegues from Merang area.

16 campro machines scream on that day, and only 4 thrive to grab the prizes. Winner list are as follow:

  1. Fizi Blackrose
  2. Krol Apexi
  3. Pali
  4. Serah 9900

 Below are some videos of the battle, will add more if Nates(the photographer on that day) add it on youtube:

Race for 3 and 4


Final - Race for 1 and 2


Come back to Kuala Lumpur on 6.2.2011, 11.50pm, the reason for the late departure was, a few of my friends warn me and my wife read on twitter that karak-bentong and bentong-gombak highway was flood cars and the traffic jam was horrifyingly bad. So depart on 11.50pm from Kuala Terengganu, everything goes as plan until we arrive at bentong-gombak highway, there are many-many-many cars park aside of the road maybe tired cause driving for so long, some of them drove for 14 hours(as claim in twitter). In front of my eye was a 17km traffic jam, moving at speed of 10km per hour, the clock showed the time was 5.00am, FREAKING MORNING MAN!! ZzZZzZ... Arrived safely home about 6.15am, all and all this was a very good week, Alhamdulillah...


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