My Rc Broke Its Gearbox

Published: Friday, 14 January 2011 Written by Abang Wan


Well as you all know, Mr. Shazwan that is me self have started a new and wonderful hobby, but what you all doesn't that this hobby some time is a pain in the a**... Continuing from previous post, I got back home from 'Sungai Wang' where I bought the car kit, and straight away charged the given battery in the box, and in 4 hours time I will be drifting around my living room, muahahahahaha (devil's laugh)... Well that was what I thought!



After the 4 hour mark has passed, I unplug the battery from wall and mated it with the car's controller. Power button... 'ON!', beep! beep! beep!, 'Fusyoooo the car have beep sounddd, power2x'... Now remote button... 'ON!' the beep sound disappear, meaning it time to Mambooo.. turn the controller left, right, left, checking the servo, CLEAR!... now test the throttle, preeee, preeee, praaakkkk... Urk?!!

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WT* is that sound? the freaking outdrive has broken into pieces... sh*t I didn't play yet.. what a stup*d piece of junk... For you guys out there who wanted to know what is outdrive? it is the connector between the universal join or UJ to the spool or gear, it is also known as gearbox by many RC shop..

What am I going to do?? Never play then this happen.. so I started to search the net for a replacement, to my surprise the made in china parts for the chassis is hard to find... actually I didn't find any... so I search for original part from Schumacher, and found 1 dealer in Sunway, the name was Tp-Racing...

So I went there without knowing the price cause the website doesn't show any price for the parts I want. In my mind I thought it would be around rm1XX cause original Tamiya would cost around that.. Long story short, arrived there  asked the boss how much, RM245!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Silent for a minute or so... buy, not, buy, not... Well what to do, I wanna play drift so I bought it.... ZzZzZZzzz, a china clone with a price of RM3++ have a gearbox of RM245, almost same price as the car itself...

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Got back home, change the broken part, and only then my beautiful RC car roam the living room, with my head held up high and my bank balance went the opposite... sob sob...

P/S: For any of you guys that wanted to start with RC'ing' and wanna buy china clones, my opinion is to go for Vantex 416, HL518, or xray clone cause these chassis have abundant of spare parts in the market. So it would be less of a problem if you need to change your parts or wanted to mod it into a drift car or touring specs..


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#2 shazwan 2011-07-08 06:40
erm.. kalau kat seremban, yg saya slalu pegi 1 jer, kat seremban 2. saya tak ingat nama kedai tu, lokasi dier kt petronas, menuju ke jln belakang ke sendayan. haha susah jugak nak explain ni... diaorg ada trek buggy kat situ.. kdai tu ada jual kete, buggy dan heli.. kapal terbang x sure..
#1 Royazman 2011-07-06 05:06
salam bro..nak tanye...bro main rc car yer...kedai mana selalu gi kalau ade masalah ? actually sy pun nak carik gak kedai2 rc area seremban ni...tapi saye minat yg udara nya la..rc tempat selalu bro gi utk repair2 rc car tu kat ner?? mesti ade sekali utk rc heli kot...kalau ade maklumkan la yer ...puas mencari ni...


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