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Published: Saturday, 08 January 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all,

Well tonite I'm just gonna share with you my new found hobby, RC'ing'... Recently yours truly went back to Seremban, just a casual routine, bla bla bla... Then that night as usual my father in law and I talk abit about cars, as things goes on we then talk about Drift RC cars, one thing led to another we decide to went into RC'ing'. Next afternoon we went to a hobby shop in Seremban 2 but unfortunately all drift rc stocks were out and only arrive next week. So I went back to KL and still thinking about whether or not to involve in this expensive hobby.



I known this hobby is quite expensive long time ago, back when I played Tamiya, 'Dash Yonkuro' style.. hahaha... If I remember it correctly I spend thousands for a 8 inches car that you cant even control. But I would say it is worth it when you had 3rd rank in Terengganu. I also played RC cars even before I play Tamiya but these car can't be modified or change any of their parts. One time I saw a guy playing RC that can be moded and ask him about the cost of each car and how to maintain it, and from what he told me, I could only smile and just watch he played his car... sob sob..

But recently the market is flooded with Made In China RC, it clones chassis from well known brand like Tamiya, Xray, Schumacher and so on. So because of this RC cars are more affordable and easier to access then before, even the original brand are also lowering their price so that they can be more competative. I think now its a good time to try RC'ing' as a new hobby, so a week ago I went to Sungai Wang just to have a look at a few RC shop that what was intended to do, but as the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants, bought myself a Vantex brand RC, a clone from Schumacher Mi-4, 1 of the best touring cars around especially in British scene. But I want to drift not touring? I had done my research but the information on RC is too huge to grasp in so little time I've made my 1st mistake, but rest assured nothing is impossible,  it can be done but it would cause me more time and money to mod it. Just FYI the original part on this particular chassis is astonishingly EXPENSIVE, more expensive then Tamiya.. damnnn... So please be very careful when purchasing RC, be sure it is the chassis you want.

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Thats all for now. Until next entry, Salam..

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