Happy New Year!!... Daaa..

Published: Thursday, 06 January 2011 Written by Abang Wan

Salam all and Happy New Year!!!

Ya ya I know its 5 days too late, as usual the 'buzyness' and 'malasness' has restrained me from writing entries.. so this entry just going to be about yours truly hope and wishes in 2011.

Maybe some of you guys often recap what has been done in 2010 so that your 2011 will be better, but I'll say no need recap, any walk through memory lane will boggle you, sad, happy, regret and what ever bull shit that come with it. I'll say ditch everything and just open a new slate.

So what are my hope and wishes:

  • Be a better husband and dad
  • Wanna be closer to God and a better Muslim
  • Buy a car for my wife
  • Raising household income
  • Be more successful as a person

Currently that all I can think of, hopefully all will come true, if not hopefully most of it will. Please wish me best of luck in 2011, and to be fair I wish your 2011 is better then your past years and its a starting point of your new and successful life.



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