Aidilfitri as a Husband and a Father

Published: Wednesday, 29 September 2010 Written by Abang Wan


This recent Syawal, kinda of a meaningful one. After 2 years celebrating Syawal as a husband, I'm now celebrating Syawal as a father. Woowww weird... hahaha... but then again that is what we called 'life', so what are the tasks of a father@husband? well here are some of it:









  • Buying several pairs of shirts and pants for Lil Auji. (15 pairs to be exact... erk!!! thats mummy punyer kerja)
  • Buying shoes for Auji. (2 pairs.. 1 highcut Mickey shoes, 1 nike baby shoes)

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  • 'Raya' would not be perfect with out 'Baju Melayu' so Auji gets 1 too. At first I do not want to buy any 'Baju Melayu' for me, but when mummy and I was shopping for her clothes, we saw this 1 'Baju Melayu that was almost perfect for Auji, and guess what, Mummy was the 1 who merengek to buy it not Auji... Daaaaaaa. So when Auji gets 1, daddy also gets 1, what a consequence there is 1 last 'Baju Melayu' Johor for adult, its the same design as Auji's.

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  • Now for mummy, She gets 5 pairs, 2 'Baju Kurung' and 3 shirts also 1 tudung for 'Raya'. As for daddy, 1 pair shoes, 3 shirts and 1 pants.

Well that kinda sums it up for our Aidilfitri shopping spree, 4 shopping mall Sogo, 1 Utama, Carrefour, and Jusco, hours of time and months of salary were put in this 1 occasion, if I were to put the same effort in writing, I would not write a single entry until next year, hahaha... just kidding. Anyway as Malay proverb, 'Tak Per Sekali Setahun'...

This year was my lovely wife's turn to spent the 1st raya at her house in Sendayan.

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This year I learned something new, like the 1st raya we spent as husband and wife, I learned how to make lemang and how to cook it, this time I learned how to make ketupat, hahaha, it is harder than it looks, I spent a few hours after got the 1st one done...

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Well thats all for now... Salam




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